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First, they don't call it the Military Complex.

They call it the Military/Industrial Complex.  The influence of corporate money in both campaign support and lobbying is the point of this very large spear.

I agree that unprecedented governmental budget crunches can level the playing field somewhat for proposals to ramp back military spending.  But I also think that two other aspects will also provide some 'force-muliplying' impact on such proposals.

The first aspect is education of the US public of the massive increases in the general budget (over and above the Iraq and Afghanistan appropriations).  These increases have escaped significant scrutiny in part because of the singular focus on the spending and politics surrounding these active wars.  

The second aspect is the cycle of excess-outrage-blowback such as that currently on display in the financial world.  This goes beyond the mere size of spending on the general budgets and war appropriations.  This cycle is more simple and because of the passion it elicits it is also much more potent.

Exposure of the almost unimaginable waste and corruption,the overpayments and "privatization", the traitorous greed and malfeasance that has led directly to the deaths of American military personnel will have a heavy political balancing effect on the power and influence of the M/I Complex.

Of particular interest will be the activities of the The Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan which just yesterday finally held its first public hearing.  It is a bipartisan and independent commission with some fairly influential Congressional backing.


Under the Obama Administration, it may produce some interesting and potentially emancipating results.

by Into the Woods on Tue Feb 3rd, 2009 at 03:16:53 PM EST

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