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I don't remember whether the part they allude to is subterranean (It is probably NOT). MetroMadrid is nevertheless known to have a very aggressive policy of developing new lines and is cited as a model for the (paris) transport authority. (see minutes of "Conférence métropolitaine" meetings)
by Xavier in Paris on Wed Jan 7th, 2009 at 06:04:28 AM EST
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Metrosur is a 40Km tunnel. The Line 10 extension is above ground.

Since then, more above-ground sections have been build at the end of various lines, as well as three light-rail (tram) branches.

See also Local Rail - An Overview
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on July 2nd, 2007.

Metro Madrid added more than 40 km (25 mi) in a four-year period to 2003, and another 56 km (35 mi) heavy metro this year -- to a total of 283 km (176 mi) -- note that Madrid is a city of just 3.2 million. The showcase project of the previous four years was Line 12 (yellowish green on the map), nicknamed MetroSur. This ring line doesn't circle the city, but serves a couple of suburban towns by distributing traffic from radial subway and rapid transit lines. Planning, tendering, boring, fitting out with concrete lining and tracks and electronics of this 40.5 km all-tunnel line; station construction; and purchase, testing and commissioning of subway trains was all done within four years and on a budget of only €1.1 billion! On time and budget in the extreme! Compare that to the time and cost earmarked for New York's 8.5-mile Second Avenue Subway project.

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... machines versus cut and cover, I'd venture to say that it is in whole or part subterranean.

This project is not establishing a new rail corridor, it is establishing an enhanced local rail service, primarily in an existing "Y" corridor, without interfering with existing regional rail services. So the indicative costings I need are for bits and pieces, not for whole project costs for all new lines.

But thanks, I'll be adding the links to the New Oil at Midnight Oil.

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