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Try these two articles on Madrid's light rail.

Findarticles.com: Madrid shifts emphasis from metro to light rail... (International Railway Journal,  Sept, 2006  by Barry Cross)

"The Sanchinarro Line is being built for 262.25 million [euro], including rolling stock. Conventional metro tunnels cost around 60 million [euro]/km, whereas here the cost is just 20 million [euro] to 25 million [euro]," Herrera observes, noting that a kilometre of surface line costs 70% less to build than a deep metro line. There will be five underground stations and four surface ones. The terminal at Pinar de Charmartin will also be the new terminus of extensions to lines 1 and 4 of the metro. The other terminal will connect with the new 15.7km Metronorte light metro line, due to open next year, serving the satellite communities of San Sebastian de los Reyes and Alcobendas.


The other two lines, on which construction began in February 2005, will function as a single entity marketed as Metro West, and will serve an estimated 90,000 residents. The 30-year concession for Metro West went to a different consortium consisting of OHL, Comsa, Ahorro de Corporacion Desarrollo and Transdev, which entered a bid of 523 million [euro]. Significantly, Transdev was chosen by Metro Tenerife to operate its new light rail line (IRJ June p39).

Both Metro West lines start at an underground complex at Colonia Jardin, where passengers can connect with Line 10 of the metro. The 13.7km Boadilla del Monte Line T3, which has 14 stations, is costing 210.53 million [euro]. The area through which it passes consists almost entirely of new housing and commercial development, which has allowed the planners to map out an alignment that has 90% surface running. Indeed, the longest underground section was built purely to enable the line to pass beneath a highway.

Line T3 is remarkable in that it mostly serves industrial parks and no residential areas until it reaches Boadilla del Monte at the end of the line.

See more information at Railway-Technology.com's page on the Madrid Light Rail.

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