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Ok, a dysfunctional short-sighted will to occupy office.

I suspect that the SPD leadership did think that it was reasonable that Linke and Greens gave in to SPDs demands, because otherwise Linke and Greens gets nothing. And if they had the SDP leadership could appoint the PM, without consulting the party base as they could present it as the result of the negotiations (if they are lying to the public, they are probably lying to their base too). So not offices for the party as such, but rather the right offices for those favored by the party leadership.

I have seen negotiations go down like that, which might colour my perspective.


What Matschie orchestrates doesn't look like an intention to stand free - more like only pretending to consider one of the two options and then pretending that the other side was responsible for the dissing of that option.

I meant to stand free in the negotiations by not tying themselves up before the elections (as suggested by Starvid).

If their goal was to rule with CDU, I think they should have practically finished negotiations with them before they shot down the other option. Now they have much less of a bargaining position.

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