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A variation of this theme (dirigism in the new millenium, to sex it up) is the subject of my next diary...

Ok, in case I don't follow up on that, here is the gist of my question. I work in a renewable energy investment fund. In what sense can I be said to work for the private sector, considering that:

  • my income is footed by taxes on electricity consumption;
  • the only way to operate is project finance, which increases returns and reduces taxes because projects are seen are no risk, and thus obtain low yields.
I fight with the idea that these links, while indirect, makes most of the REN industry akin to subcontractors. Of course, there are no contracts Governments anywhere; instead, "market mechanism" arrange for the centrally allocated funds to be share amongst the industry.

SO, is this just keynesianism in the new millenium? Or was the classical distinction between the private sector and government a myth to begin with?

I surely recall my teacher's insistence on the microfoundations of economic theory, yet not once was it brough up that homo economicus fills the ranks of public servants too.

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