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Why do you even see the need to comment on her looks at all?

Because I'm a human being and a male. Human beings attribute a lot of importance to looks - whether they be the looks of their partners, their colleagues, their friends or indeed their politicians. In fact, I've read entire business reports on the subject which conclude that those with better looks have a much better chance of succeeding in whatever they do than those who look like crap. In politics especially, our society is presented a packaged image of individuals to vote for. Content comes second place - if it comes at all. It's all about the image. If you can't handle a comment like mine about the physical traits of Lady Ashton then I guess you must experience a lot of frustration in our post-modern society.

Does not mean that we're all PC or OTT...

That's an interesting one, really. I live a relatively privileged life and mingle with many cultivated people. Discussions where sexist humour has been interjected (not necessarily by me) have taken place on occasions - and not once has the crowd reacted with such collective badgering and bullying. Not once. So I can only conclude one of the following:

  1. Those who call themselves "ET-ers" adhere to group-think values
  2. ET has rebuffed all those who do not think and act like "ET-ers" creating, in the process, a group which shares very common (if not identical) values

That's all fine & well, but inbreeding has never contributed to innovation.

If you can't accept that we don't wish to perpetuate that devaluation of women on ET then go somewhere that doesn't give a shit.

That proves my point.

by vladimir on Sat Nov 21st, 2009 at 03:39:21 AM EST
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