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"Brown got his way" presupposes that he was supporting Blair because he genuinely wanted him in the job. Given past enmity between the two, is there not at least a chance that he went along with the campaign on the basis that Blair would come out of it looking shabbier than when he went in?
Again did he really want a Brit in the High Rep job, given the reduced influence in economic issues in the Commission? Van Rompuy-Miliband would have been a shoo-in two weeks ago, before the "woman candidate" campaign picked up steam. Has Brown been forced into Ashton's appointment, as Zapatero appears to be indicating?
It was widely assumed a week ago that Brown was continuing to support Tony Blair so that he could give him up in return for something good. Instead he gave him up before the meeting even started and seemingly has also given up influence in the economic field. Obviously it's being presented by Brown as a great victory getting a Brit in the job, but it seems pretty hollow.
by koksapir on Fri Nov 20th, 2009 at 07:35:18 AM EST
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