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Its neither machism nor is it mysoginy. "Machism" isn't an English word. It's a French word which is used to describe a male who projects his virility and tends to believe that women are his inferiors.

There was nothing "machist" is the photo I posted nor in the accompanying comment - which was simply to say that, in my opinion, Ashton lacks feminine traits. Indeed, the woman is, in my opinion, ugly. Saying this is what - politically incorrect? Machist? Misogynous? WTF?

Why should my photo and comment be interpreted as being more "machist" than the entire discussion above around Ashton's "token" appointment because she's female? If you read Ashton's speech accepting her nomination and responding to her detractors, you will notice that she does not say ANYWHERE that she was chosen because she is a woman. Any "warnings" distributed those comments? Noooo.

I have nothing to say on the "misogynous" accusation since it is so obviously devoid of any sense.

Thank you to ThatBritGuy for understanding and appreciating a bit of humour. What a relief.

by vladimir on Fri Nov 20th, 2009 at 09:09:12 AM EST
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