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I have two arguments with your position.

First, if job security in climate science is so tough to get, why not work for Exxon-Mobil? Somebody who is able to do an experiment that support the denier argument would be heavily recruited by the oil industry.

Second, the "level of critical reasoning" is at completely different levels on the two sides of this argument. The deniers cherry pick their data, use circular arguments, repeat already-disproven claims, pull in irrelevancies, and generally operate with a thin veneer of reason covering greed and religious fanaticism. The pro-warming crowd operates with the normal pettiness of the scientific community. There is no comparison.

I suggest that you attend a denier revival meeting or two to get an idea of how bad it is. Until you've heard these nutcases in person, it's hard to imagine it.

by asdf on Sat Nov 21st, 2009 at 03:54:24 PM EST
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