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  1. Not the whole picture. Paleoclimate reconstructions using temperature proxies, one of Jones' fields of expertise, come in two varieties more or less. One variety only uses a limited amount of data entries, using far less than 11.000 data sets. It remains a possibility that the data files now in the open do contain all the data used in some paleoclimate reconstruction publications. This cannot be ruled out simply on basis of counting data files.

  2. FOI requests directed at CRU have been an ongoing affair spanning several years, and the CRU has rejected practically every single one of them. Independent academics have not been able to see the data behind one the world's most important estimates of global temperatures. The actual reason why all the effort to keep the data out of public sight may turn out to be even more embarrassing.

And besides, I would wager it hardly possible to do the Copenhagen conference even more harm than it has already suffered, all achieved by political wrangling...
by Nomad on Sat Nov 21st, 2009 at 09:11:32 PM EST
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