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I think we really have to take seriously tiagoantao's statement that the comments are not directed specifically at climate science but at "predictive sciences" in general. Nomad's post inherently brings up problems with the way science is currently being done and tiagoantao's comments seem to be a "second" for the reality of those problems from the perspective of another field. The fact that opponents of scientific inquiry will point to problems with science is not, IMO, justification for the scientific community to deny the existence of those problems.

And I entirely agree with asdf's assertion regarding the relative integrity between the "climate science" crowd and the climate change denier crowd. The climate change deniers do tend to show similarities to the "creation science" crowd. This is the basis for my concern about the lawsuit cited above where assertion of a "belief" in the imminent danger from climate change is defended as a "philosophy of life".  Let us hope that we don't get to the point of having parity in nutcase affiliation.  

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