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Do you have any idea of the volume of email that a senior researcher or academic receives daily?

Yes certainly, And having deealt with people doing both that and Islamic Academics in the weeks after 9/11 (Compared to which climate deniars email streams are the merest trickle) the across the board advice is always (And has been from every academic IT department I  have ever known) Treat them as message board trolls, Ignore them, they are not going to listen. My personal email accounts used to consist of my real email account, an entirely unfiltered email account so I could assess how much junk was actually arriving on site, and a third one where all the filtered email that had failed the junkmail tests would arrive, to be chacked and forwarded on in case the  junk filters had become over agressive. The first day after a weeks holiday would always consist of checking through email and nothing else. Holidays would result in 8,000 emails a week
, a vast majority, utter rubbish.

You can certainly get a good idea of the nature of the denialist email that they would recieve---in floods---by looking at the comments sections of any website related to climate.

The thing about that is that it can relatively easily be filtered by the user. Ten minutes of training and you never need to see it again, unless you want to. (Ok an occasional survey of the junk is useful to check that you havent missed anything important, but cranks are usually obviously cranks, and can be filtered with very little effort)

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.

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