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So, to give a more calm response and debunk you point by point:

  1. Regarding the data. For example, climateprediction.net uses BOINC (the binaries are avaiable, how difficult it would be to make the source available?). The amount of data and format is easy to know and is most probably stored in a database. At least the data generated on user computers should be easy to make public (it was generated on user computers with a known formatting, it is even possible to inspect at checkpoiting). Large quantities I would imagine.

  2. Regarding my experience with code of predicative software? I would be candidate to have maximum experience on the planet about a subject like this, sounds too much? I single handedly converted a an epidemiological simulator (one of the biggest in existence) written in Intel Fortran to GNU C. This I can prove.

I would imagine lots of people in climate prediction are using old code (building on top of), which they cannot convert and really they dont know what the code does (like it was written in the 70s by people who are DEAD and left no documentation)

So yes, I know very much well what I am talking about.
And I could talk hours and hours and hours about this.

Not so much about climate modeling (still I know a few things). But about predicative science in general.

by t-------------- on Sun Nov 22nd, 2009 at 01:21:13 PM EST
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