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The rewarding system is very simple: if you don't make the software available then it is rejected for publication. Some journals do this partially or totally (depends from case to case).

If everybody is on the same level (ie everybody has to make the software available) then competition is fair.

Your new field, ecology is fairly bad field in terms of secrecy and closeness (but not bad in terms of predicting BS, me thinks). I have a completely ridiculous paper on an ecology journal (but at least the source code is available ;) ).

Half of my PhD is conservation genetics and people are really secretive. We should have a paper submitted very soon to Molecular Ecology and it is predicative (fall of expected heterosigosity over 200 years). It will probably be used to change policy. I actually intended to make a diary about it (after it is published).

I mainly work with population genetics simulations (effective population size and selection) and spread of drug resistance (selection, pharmacology). I have some "part/time" with phylogenetics also.

In some sense I became proud of being a CS guy at the origin. The problems in CS are less bad. I plan to return to CS (if I stay in science - which I probably wont).

by t-------------- on Sun Nov 22nd, 2009 at 02:14:06 PM EST
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And to just add a personal note: during the last 2 years I gained 40 pounds and more or less became an alcoholic because of the things I describe here and how the affected me at a profound level.

I recently "got out of the hole" through becoming a cynicist: I don't really want to give a nice contribution to society anymore, at least through science I think it is impossible.

I just want to live the quiet life and "do no harm" is now enough for me.

I need a beer.

by t-------------- on Sun Nov 22nd, 2009 at 02:23:42 PM EST
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