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Reports that the Vatican and Apostolic Nuncio hid behind their diplomatic status and refused to cooperate with the Commission of Investigation into the Church cover-up of child sexual abuse highlight the anomalous situation of granting the Vatican Sovereign status in the first place.  

Friendly states do not interfere wholesale in the internal affairs of other states and accept no responsibility for the consequences.  The Irish bishops acted under the supervision of the Vatican, in what they saw as the best interests of the Roman Catholic Church,  in line with Church practice elsewhere, and almost totally disregarded the welfare of the children and laws of this state.

Much of the information relating to these cover-ups rests in the archives of the Vatican which have never been made available to this State in pursuance of the rule of law or the various Commissions of Enquiry aimed at reducing victim trauma and providing some level of restitution.

Is it not time that the Government recalled its ambassador to the Holy See "for consultations", and, in the absence of a  more cooperative stance from the Vatican, withdraw our ambassador and diplomatic recognition altogether?  The Irish Constitution ceased to give recognition to "the special position of the Holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church" in 1973, and it is time our diplomatic service did likewise.

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