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My LTE didn't get published, but interestingly a rural protestant cleric has suggested expelling the Papal Nuncio:


Starting at the top, we should expel the Papal Nuncio who along with his colleagues in the Vatican, including the Pope and his predecessors has demonstrated absolute contempt for the legal authorities of this State. They have actively frustrated and subverted the criminal investigation of clerical child abuse through non-cooperation and non-disclosure. This has undoubtedly delayed the uncovering of abusers and meant that many more young vulnerable lives have been damaged and in some cases destroyed. If any other nation's representatives had facilitated this we would have no qualms about sending them packing. Our actions now will demonstrate whether this state has truly broken free from the shackles of the Vatican.

He has gotten a lot of media flak for his trouble by people suggesting a protestant cleric shouldn't engage in pope bashing...<sigh>

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