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Mattstetten-Rothrist was actually not planed to operate at higher speeds than 200 km/h. The loco 2000 of SBB are only designed for 230 km/h.

The ICE1 trains to Interlaken, the Cisalpino trains to Basel, and eventual TGVs coming from the LGV Est and Strasbourg down to Berne could have used it at 230-250 km/h, however. I can't cite any extant sources now (will check if I have anything on paper later), and maybe it was all just PR and not something seriously considered by the engineers; but back when the line was in construction, I remember this was mentioned prominently in leaflets and on the line's website.

Lötschberg Tunnel

BTW, checking, line speed was raised from 200 to 250 km/h in December 2008 (albeit apparently without Cisalpino trains to exploit that potential).

Spain will be soon ready. There was not a real high priority for this since they have ETCS Level 1 and LZB in service.

Well, Madrid-Barcelona has ETCS L1 and ASFA now; but got those after ETCS L2, and the top speed was a major PR issue (getting to 300 km/h with L1 was lots of R&D itself). Around January 2008, ADIF's official position was that they won't set a date for 350 km/h operation ( = switch to ETCS L2), but will conduct continuous tests until they can say they trust the system (but again that's official and two years ago, and I didn't hear what's up now with the tests even from inofficial sources).

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