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The line was designed for 200 km/h. See here.

OK, if the track-builders say that, then indeed any higher speed must have been PR department fluff or early planning.

This was because of the derating of the transformer when operated with 17 Hz instead of 50 Hz.

This is an issue with the older TGV, including the Thalys (though those were modified to run on the Cologne-Düren line at full speed). The TGV POS, however, which in my memory were at one time supposed to come down from Mulhouse to Berne, got new transformers meant for 16.7Hz from the onset.

The trains operated first only with ASFA

...which was installed after Ansaldo's L2 tests didn't go well, resulting in a ten-month delay in the line's opening.

Maybe they want to wait till also the part between Llerida and Barcelona is ready.

Apparently. Many thanks for that link!

* Madrid-Lérida line has fullfilled all the internal tests. Line is fully ready (including Safety Dossier)

  • From May-Dec 2008 Siemens EVC has finished its internal test on this line (Stable EVC SW)...

  • Siemens validation tests and MFOM-ADIF-RENFE Complementary Test has been started. This process will end in July 2009.

  • The other lines are performing internal tests.

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