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This was from notes I took following Spanish media reports and some personal communication, so the links in the reconstruction below are ones I searched now (in the archive of a single paper). Some details are different. To sum up the events in short:

  1. After some other delays, the date for opening in regular service was finally set for 22 December 2002. For lack of own 300km/h+ trains, RENFE planned to lease ICE3 sets from DB.
  2. The inoperability of Ansaldo's ERTMS and the switch to ASFA was reported in January 2003, when the delay was still expected to be short. Also the failure of the DB ICE3 lease was announced, at the time, the (also abandoned) alternative plan was to use some of the TGV-derived AVE sets from the Madrid-Sevilla line.
  3. ASFA installation itself proved problematic. Regular service, with Altaria (locomotive-pulled Talgos) only, finally started on 11 October 2003.

Links (all in Spanish, I read them with help of Google translate):

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