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Thanks for the expert additions! Definitely forgot about Mattstetten-Rothrist, and I wasn't aware of the upgrade background of the Seetalbahn ETCS dismantling.

Therefor a lot of experiences Bombardier already made on the Zofingen - Sempach line had to be repeated by Alstom

Thant makes sense. The exception is operation at higher speeds, though I guess that took up only a third of the development time. (And going from 200 to 250 km/h was abandoned apparently?)

Lötschberg Base Tunnel (full operation since December 2007)... This led to the situation that ETCS equipped vehicles can only operate on the ETCS route for which they have bee designed for and not every where were ETCS of the proper level has been installed.

When Italy started ETCS Lev 2 operation at 300 km/h on the Rome-Naples and Turin-Novara lines, initial policy was to have only one single train on the line, so that train control not be needed for much, train frequency was ramped up in three years1. I wonder if the fact that much of the Lötschberg Base Line is single-track could simplify matters, too?

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What about Spain? Do you have any insight into why ADIF is drawing out the switch to ETCS Level 2 (and 350 km/h) for so long? (I was told it's the stability but that was 2-3 years ago.)

  1. The last train stop caused by signal loss I saw reported hit the inauguration train on the Milan-Bologna line a year ago.


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