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Germany 1848.

Bismark and guns win.

Spain 1936-39.

Franco/Hitler win.

Bolivia 1952-1971

CIA wins.

"What I proposed was to break them. Destroy them. Utterly. Send the lot of them to prison or the poor house. Preferably before the midterm primary season."

No. You proposed that the US President should break them. As if a centrist elected by an electorate that has shown no appetite for serious reform let alone revolution would defy the core power structure of the state and somehow magically turn it into bunnies.

It's that combination of "but he's the president" naivete and demands for radical change to be imposed by people who are, at best, mild reformers on a public that has elected people like Nelson and Lieberman and Coburn to high office that strikes me as peculiarly deluded.

by rootless2 on Sun Dec 20th, 2009 at 02:41:42 PM EST
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