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Certainly at the beginning, the restructuring was painful, but  the ferries still take a huge share. Shuttle traffic is actually declining. Plenty people have decided that sitting in their car in a tube looking at the car in front is not preferable to enjoying the delights of a ferry, regardless of the time saving.

Actually, there is another, stronger reason: the ferries had more room to cut prices. However, even while I think Dublin-Holyhead is a pipedream, I want to note:

  1. Let's not confuse car and air traffic. Ireland may be small, but Dublin-London is actually one of the busiest air routes within the EU, to which one could add Dublin-Libverpool, Dublin-Manchester and Dublin-Birmingham. So, if and when Britain gets itself to build High Speed 2, the giant tunnel would get much closer to being justifiable on high-speed traffic grounds.

  2. Passengers is one thing, cargo is another. Though Ireland's broad gauge network would limit its usefulness beyond Dublin, a faster competition to Dublin port's traffic would be something. (Then again, I am assuming that the French side track access issues hampering Eurotunnel's ambitions to attract through rail traffic are solved by the time a Dublin-Holyhead tunnel could be built.)

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by DoDo on Fri Dec 18th, 2009 at 08:43:19 AM EST
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