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Wikipedia does say
There are approximately 50 daily departures from Dublin to all five London airports (Stansted, Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and London City), The Dublin-London route is the second busiest route in the world after the Hong Kong-Taipei route.
50 daily departures times (say) 350 days times (say) 200 passengers per flight gives 3.5M passengers.
During the 1980s, major competition, especially on the Dublin-London routes, resulted in passenger numbers swelling to 5.1 million in 1989.
Top 10 International Arrivals Figures for 2008.
Rank	Origin				     Number of Passengers
1	   London Heathrow Airport, England, United Kingdom	894,536
2	London Gatwick Airport,  England, United Kingdom	541,593
3	   London Stansted Airport, England, United Kingdom	462,756
for a total of 1.9M

Conclusions: the Eurostar figures count both departing and arriving passengers, otherwise the Heathrow figures for 2008 would be way off between different sources. The total Dublin-London traffic is over twice that for Dublin-Heathrow and it probably does exceed the Madrid-Barcelona traffic but it didn't in 2007 (Madrid-Barcelona was 33% higher a year earlier).

100 passengers per flight is a better average than 200 at least for the Dublin-London distance range.

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