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China executes Briton - the EU should respond:
   What happened tonight was sickening, but predictable.

and understandable, if not acceptable according to contemporary European values and principles, given Chinese' burning memory of the of the Opium Wars:

A reader named "River of Justice" said: "Everyone is equal before the law. No matter who he is, a Chinese or a foreigner, the result is the death penalty when he commits such a crime."

Another reader named "Du Yunqing" wrote: "In the past, we weren't able to kill a foreigner who commits a crime (on Chinese land) because you (British) got the consular jurisdiction using guns and cannons; Nowadays, you stop interfering on our own land where we have the right to do so."

A reader named "freefool" said: "the supreme court of China set a good example in maintaining its independence of jurisdiction."

Another unnamed user from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province said: "it's a slap on the face of those arrogant Europeans."

Internet users back China's decision on UK drug smuggler

La Chine dorme. Laisse la dormir. Quand la Chine s'Úveillera, le monde tremblera.
by marco on Tue Dec 29th, 2009 at 06:09:09 AM EST

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