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Not in Spain given the house-market bubble.

A lot of the assets are based on housing, so prices can go down but not that much.

In other words, you need roughly 400.000 euros in assets (150.000 in cash, 250.000 in a house/appartment) in Spain to qualify for the 5-year safety net plus house.

In big cities is something like 600.000 euros (200.000 euros in cash and 400.000 to have the house).

The way to save 600.000 when your income after taxes is roughly 20.000 euros leads to 60 years saving half your income.

As you may see, in Spain, most people (like 80% of the spaniards) never get to the point of wondering about the problem of saving. Maybe in ten years if the house market remains at cosntant prices adn teh flats move from generation to generation there will be more people in the sityuation (if your parents die, you get the flat or half flat since families hava, at most, 2 children), that will allow some saving in the future.. but not now.

Coem to think, I can guess when this would happen, and how strongly it would change the spanish economy. People who bought the flat in the 70's when they were in their thirties.. so around 2020-2030 spanish economy will change dramatically.

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by kcurie on Thu Dec 31st, 2009 at 11:18:01 AM EST
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