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Regulatory aspects of the integration of wind generation in European electricity markets

As Member States (MSs) come under increasing pressure to deliver low-carbon, secure forms of energy, focus continues to rest on the deployment of renewable energy. Given the natural resources available and the associated costs, many MSs are concentrating their efforts on increasing their deployment of wind generation.

European energy regulators are considering these issues to ensure that the regime facilitates the deployment of wind generation and does not inhibit market integration. The purpose of this report on Regulatory aspects of the integration of wind generation in European electricity markets is to present European energy regulators' thoughts on how wind generation should be integrated into the market and network arrangements and to highlight areas for further consideration in light of its increasing deployment.

This paper should be considered as a first step in discussions with stakeholders. The ideas presented in the paper should not be considered to represent CEER's definitive position on the subject. Rather, the report is intended to highlight the most important issues in integrating wind generation and to seek feedback from stakeholders as to how they should be addressed. In some areas, CEER points out principles that it considers to be relevant and on which it would welcome feedback. In many cases, detailed work on a particular topic relates to areas considered by European energy regulators. The conclusions from this consultation will serve to inform regulators' future work and understanding of the issues as they affect wind generation.

CEER invites all stakeholders interested in the regulatory implications of integrating wind generation into European electricity markets to respond to this consultation, both in general and in relation to the questions in Section 1.4 of the report.

Interested parties are invited to submit comments by 18 February 2010 and these should be sent by e-mail to:  wind@ceer.eu.

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