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And yet 'dispersed ownership' will be the inevitable result of the technology we are using now. Have you not seen it in action already?

You, as a banker, provide a service - certainly in the analysis of risk, and, to a certain extent, the actuarial strategies. But from a societal POV, you are using the same methodology as would be used for a new sausage factory. The fact that the product you finance is 'good' is a coincidence. Or is it?

Putting together a movie or a TV series requires at least the same effort, disappointments, crassness, documentation, late night intensive sessions, and celebration of completion. We all work hard.

I've suffered the problems of 'dispersed ownership' in my dealings with Swedish companies. It CAN be exasperating. But it is also invigorating. It ensures that all views are heard.

Many of these 'views' are difficult to include. We elitists dismiss these views as anecdotal or irrelevant. They are, agreed, rarely fully informed. But they are the views of people who will be affected by the decisions taken.

It has been - prior to 1995 - possible to ignore the views of those who question the top-down nature of society and its subset, business. No longer.

Can I also add that you don't seem to read what people write. Chris Cook emphasised several times that air miles should be easy to understand as a meme, not that what he was proposing was equivalent to air miles. But no. Your argument was about the about the misfit of the analogy.

The technology that allows a French energy banker to start a very intelligent blog/forum is the same technology that will allow 'dispersed ownership'.

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by Sven Triloqvist on Sun Jan 3rd, 2010 at 03:55:11 PM EST
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