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FINLAND: Biodiesel Breakthrough or Environmental Nightmare? - IPS ipsnews.net
HELSINKI, Dec 9 (IPS) - As Finnish energy major Neste Oil scales up production of its `green' diesel NExBTL, environmental activists fear that more land will go under palm oil plantations at the expense of Southeast Asia's threatened rainforests.

Palm oil is the main feedstock that goes into the production of NExBTL of which Neste Oil expects to use 50,000 tonnes this year and scale up that figure in subsequent years.

Neste Oil claims that its NExBTL diesel is effective in reducing carbon dioxide emissions - the main green house gas (GhG) tresponsible for global warming - that are spewed into the atmosphere by fossil fuel burning automobiles.

The advantage with NExBTL is that it can be used to run both old and new diesel engines without modification and Neste Oil says it is the first energy company to come out with such a product.

While Neste Oil hopes to reap profits from NExBTL, activists and experts say it could well turn into a future environmental nightmare.

Environmentalists are concerned that the widespread use of NExBTL would add a new demand factor for palm oil - in addition to the cosmetics and the food industry - that would eventually lead to further depletion of rainforests.
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