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with little time to seek out the proper links, i'd like to point out that there is a global slew of work being done on "swimming foundations" as the Germans say.  In the US, the original offshore designs from the 70's were floating.  In fact, the entire turbine support structure was allowed to swim with the wind, eliminating expensive yaw bearings and motors.

Currently, NREL investigated several designs, and has evolved what they believe is optimal.  in Norway, a large floating project is supposed to begin construction next year (this year?).  Italy tried to build a smaller test program several years ago, which to date hasn't gotten "afloat."  The floating tripods pictured above may have come from a design developed in the Netherlands, at the turn of the century, which likely predated the principle power designs.

There's more under development under the radar, for sure.  the rest of the world really doesn't have the giant pool table we affectionately call the North Sea.

I guess i'd have more respect for ocean offshore development in the US if they were already moving toward 15-20 Gigs/Yr on land, increasing annually, and with the concommitent investment on transmission.  The Great Lakes?  Hmmm, got an open mind there.

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by Crazy Horse on Sat Feb 21st, 2009 at 07:39:35 AM EST

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