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This is something I have apparently been ignorant of my whole life.

When I was in school, only the "poor" kids ate hot lunches, unless it was pizza day, when everyone ate school lunch.  I almost always brought my lunch, and most of my peers did as well.  And it's not like we were wealthy or anything.  At the beginning of the month, your parents got a menu and ticked off the days their kids would be having school (hot) lunches.  So  kids would bring their lunches most days, except when the school was providing something you'd actually want to eat - which was rare.

I always felt sorry for the kids who had hot lunches everyday - because like your cheese sandwiches, you knew they were poor.  Even when I was like 7, I understood the whole "subsidized" concept.  It didn't help that they got to line up to go first to lunch.  I think it was in part to make them feel better, and in part because they had to go stand in line and wait while we could just plop down and open our lunch boxes.  But they were nevertheless separated out.  Having to wait was still better than being poor.

Lunch boxes.  Now, not ever having had a lunch box - that would be sad.  All kids should get lunch boxes!

I myself love cheese sandwiches.  I suspect the poor kids I went to school with have trauma related to hot school lunches.  Those hot lunches were seriously gross.  They made hospital meals look gourmet.  

Honestly - this is the first time I have ever heard of any kid not liking cheese sandwiches.  I had no idea!

High school was a different matter.  It was more food-court like.  I don't know how anyone kept track of who was getting fed.  Not to mention lunch was when kids snuck out to the parking lot to smoke.

Anyway, feed the kids already.

"Talking nonsense is the sole privilege mankind possesses over the other organisms." -Dostoevsky

by poemless on Fri Feb 27th, 2009 at 11:14:24 AM EST
Honestly - this is the first time I have ever heard of any kid not liking cheese sandwiches.

I know!  And, oddly, I love cheese!  I'll have it grilled or on any number of combo sandwiches, but just the thought of that specific cheese/mustard/white-bread combo makes me ill.

Lunchboxes are a whole nother matter.  I longed for a Partridge Family lunch box.  Sadly, mine was tartan.

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by Izzy (izzy at eurotrib dot com) on Fri Feb 27th, 2009 at 04:33:37 PM EST
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What happens to the lactose intolerant kids?  Won't somebody please think of the children?!
by In Wales (inwales aaat eurotrib.com) on Fri Feb 27th, 2009 at 04:44:29 PM EST
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This is America, In Wales.  "Lactose intolerance" is part of the Gay Agenda or something.

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by Drew J Jones (pedobear@pennstatefootball.com) on Fri Feb 27th, 2009 at 07:55:06 PM EST
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When I was in school, there were obligatory milk breaks.  There was one girl in my class who could not have milk, so she was allowed to have whatever it was she had instead of milk.  Where do lactose intolerant children get the calcium they need for their bones?

Also, if a child is so poor his or her family cannot afford to feed them, what are the chances they'll complain of lactose intolerance?  I mean, I am not being a smart ass, I am really wondering what the numbers are.  It seems that dietary restrictions tend to show up more often in people who have access to a wide variety of foods.  They may be too hungry to complain about a stomach ache.  

"Talking nonsense is the sole privilege mankind possesses over the other organisms." -Dostoevsky

by poemless on Mon Mar 2nd, 2009 at 02:43:48 PM EST
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Soya milk now often has added calcium and vitamins without being expensive.

A slight intolerance may only give stomach ache but a serious intolerance causes really nasty systemic problems which certainly for me impeded my education because I was too ill to concentrate properly and was always off sick.

by In Wales (inwales aaat eurotrib.com) on Tue Mar 3rd, 2009 at 03:34:18 PM EST
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