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Thanks, MT. I seem to remember there was a time when not all states implemented a SCHIP. But Wikipedia gives me the current situation on that:

State Children's Health Insurance Program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

States are given flexibility in designing their SCHIP eligibility requirements and policies within broad federal guidelines. Some states have received authority through waivers of statutory provisions to use SCHIP funds to cover the parents of children receiving benefits from both SCHIP and Medicaid, pregnant women, and other adults. SCHIP covered 6.6 million children and 670,000 adults at some point during Federal fiscal year 2006, and every state has an approved plan.[5
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Yep. And I wouldn't want to revive memories of the acrimony over obtaining passage of the bill in both chambers 2007. It was obscene.

Here's the PR on the signing ceremony, I read yesterday. I've not reviewed the actual language since 2007, when I was complaining about the weakness of the feds' funding mechanism, sales tax on just cigarettes, of all things to choose.

Obama signs children's healthcare bill | Reuters | 5 Feb 2009

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