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However, that might be the result of a difference in data sources:
Most of the civilian casualty figures were obtained from Wikipedia - which itself uses the ICTY, the Red Cross and for the Serbian civilian casualty figures in Kosovo, an EU funded project run out of Belgrade.
From wikipedia
According to a Serbian government report, from January 1, 1998 to June 10, 1999 the KLA killed 988[5] people and kidnapped 287[5]; in the period from June 10, 1999, to November 11, 2001, when NATO had been in control in Kosovo, 847[5] people were reported to have been killed and 1,154[5] kidnapped. This comprised both civilians and security forces personnel: of those killed in the first period, 335[5] were civilians, 351 were soldiers, 230 were police and 72 were unidentified; by nationality, 87 of killed civilians were Serbs, 230 Albanians, and 18 of other nationalities.[5] The Humanitarian Law Center in Belgrade, an organization funded by the European Commission, have announced that it had identified 8,000 Serbians out of a total of 12,000 casualties they had identified in the Kosovo War. [53]

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co-incedentally Looking at the Wikipedia article on the Iraq war, it is noticeable that all the War crimes examples in there are not American. So the people prosecuted for Abu-Ghraib are not in the list of indictees even though their activities should be considered so under the Geneva conventions.

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