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Lovely train, and as usual a lot of good information. Thanks, DoDo.
Was struck by two things:
First, around the world the construction and operation of high speed rail seems to be capable of succeeding as a going concern in spite of an array of blunders- corruption, poor planning, nepotism, financial incompetence, and more. It seems a sign of an idea with such powerful social and economic momentum that --almost nothing can stop it. I was very disappointed in the paltry financing provided recently in the US for rail upgrades. It seems like such an incredibly good idea for stimulus in the US- a way to re-start manufacturing, utilize idle capacity, invest for the future, employ lots of people, and there have been a lot of good plans floated-- totally inexplicable to me it's lack of support.

Second, ---this:

"Progress means nothing unless it is shared by all" (Le progrès ne vaut que s'il est partagé par tous").

Perhaps this alien idea relates to the point above-- no obvious large-scale transfer of wealth upwards?

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Capitalism searches out the darkest corners of human potential, and mainlines them.

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