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The bankruptcy of the city of Catania, one of the historical subversive power strongholds of Italy (highest votes for the MSI, highest number of P2 members, traditional source of Secret Service Directors, all deviant even if not P2 members) is due to the slipshod management of a highflying Neapolitan doctor, two-time mayor Umberto Scampagnini, who devastated the city's coffers. Elected simply because he's Berlusconi's personal doctor- that is, he put false hair back on his pate and delivered a throbbing member at a moment's notice. Berlusconi takes a medical preparation whose secrets are only known to Scampagnini and the Catanese pharmacy that prepares it. We only know that it contains endorphins and that he is rumoured to rely on mechanical contraptions to satisfy his cunt-struck lust.

Catania votes en masse for anything Berlusconi throws their way and then goes and dumps garbage in front of city hall because public administrators haven't been paid in ages. The national light company cut the city electricity for not paying bills for years. All the city cops have been promoted to officer: there are only four simple cops in all Catania. Scampagnini ran the city from a deluxe hotel suite and dallied with Brazilian samba dancers (Ah! The sultry Surama!) at the city's expense.

So yes. Catania is governed below the belt. Berlusconi throws extraordinary state fundings at Catania whenever necessary. Doesn't even personally pick up the bill. He probably even writes off the pharmacy bill. Italy subsidizes Silvio's dick.

Another reason for Starvid to love Italy. Even I love Catania- despite what I have just written.

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