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A useful comment to the same story in the Guardian

The news value here isn't that 4 out of 5 Britons repudiate creationism. It's that 1 in 5 peopole living in the UK today can be described as creationist, considering the speed and the extent to which the UK (at least on the surface), appears to have jetisonned most of its Christian beliefs/cultural assumptions and attitudes.

The real story is that in a country where considerable efforts are expended to try to minimize the influence of religion in the public sphere or to exclude religion from the public sphere and where, if we believed much of the media's slant on things (this article is a good example of this), religion is the preserve of a small and dwindling minority, there is still a majority of people in every single area polled (except Eastern England), who believe that God or some other 'higher being' is responsible for the creation of the world.

Even in the supposedly 'Godless' East of England, more people (47%) believe in creationism, evolution being part of God's plan, or intelligent design, than believe that evolution does away with the need for God (44%).

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