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Macedonia existed as a name of the region before that, though perhaps not in Serbia - later Yugoslavia - that won most of the early 19th century region of Macedonia in the balkan wars.

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Macedonia is a geographical and historical region of the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe whose area was re-defined in the early 20th century. There is no official recognition of these arbitrary delimitations, especially since they include territories of Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania that are not called "Macedonia". The region in question covers parts of five Balkan countries: Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and minor parts of Albania and Serbia, and covers approximately 67,000 square kilometers (km2) and a population of 4.76 million.

This arbitrary territory corresponds to the basins of (from west to east) the Aliákmon, Vardar/Axios and Struma/Strymon rivers (of which the Axios/Vardar drains by far the largest area) and the plains around Thessaloniki and Serres.

According to geographer H.R. Wilkinson, "it defies definition". Its current 'geographical' limits are nonhomogeneous - either ethnically or geographically - and they were established only in 1899, by the Greek cartographer C. Nicolaides for political purposes.

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