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MPs who helped topple government stand for Libertas in European elections - 03-04-2009 13:25 UTC - Radio Prague
The two rebel Civic Democrat MPs, Vlastimil Tlustý and Jan Schwippel, who voted against their party to topple the government in last Tuesday's no-confidence vote are back in the headlines. This Thursday, both men announced their candidature for the eurosceptic party Libertas.cz ahead of June's European elections. I spoke to former finance minister Vlastimil Tlustý about what made him vote against Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek's cabinet, and why, despite representing Libertas.cz at the polls, he had decided to remain a member of the Civic Democratic Party:

...Can I ask you about the funding of Libertas.cz - who is funding this party? "I am not informed. The proposal to be a candidate dates from last Friday, and to be frank, I don't know." Are you worried about now being a candidate for a one-issue party. The Civic Democrats have clear views on social reforms, healthcare reforms and so on, while Libertas.cz doesn't just yet? "I am not worried. Look at the Civic Democrats today. They do nothing, no reforms at all. They destroyed not only tax reforms but also pension reforms and healthcare reforms and so on. I am sure that I will actually have more chance to represent the original programme of the Civic Democrats in Libertas than in the Civic Democratic Party itself."

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