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A Choice for Europe? - The New Federalist, webzine of the Young European Federalist
The European institutions are fighting the low turnouts in the European Parliament elections with a common strategy and a single message throughout Europe: "It's your choice". The problem: A choice requires different alternatives. A single campaign requires a single discussion.

Paradoxically, the turnout in European elections has been decreasing ever since the first direct elections in 1979 while the power of the European Parliament has been steadily increasing. More and more laws are made by the `citizen's chamber' while less and less people take advantage of their right to directly influence these decisions. It's all about choice

This year, there will be no lectures about citizen's responsibilities or duties in the European Parliament's communication strategy - the European elections 2009 are all about choice. The key message is that all citizens can influence policies by giving their vote. This message is spread with a single campaign throughout Europe: Postcards, billboards and 3-dimensional street installations will raise important questions concerning energy, climate change, agriculture, consumer protection, security, free markets and other important topics. In room-sized cubes with the name "choice boxes", citizens can record their views on European issues - selected scenes will be played on Europarl TV, Youtube and on screens outside the boxes. In order to reach all potential voters, the campaign will also be present on TV and radio, young voters are supposed to be attracted by My Space, Facebook and Flickr.

by Fran on Sun Mar 29th, 2009 at 02:23:13 PM EST
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