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MercoPress: US will no longer "dictate unilaterally", but Cuban embargo remains

"The time of the United States dictating unilaterally, the time where we only talk and don't listen is over" Biden said in Santiago after holding discussions with several Latinamerican leaders at the Progressive Governance forum in Chile.

Mr. Biden represented President Obama at the Progressive Governance conference in Viña del Mar and on Sunday left for Costa Rica.

"My visit here is just the beginning of a renewal of a partnership with the Americas. In the past, even when we engaged positively we tended to engage 'for' the (western) hemisphere. We're not engaging 'for,' this is 'with,'" Biden added.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet hailed the new US administration's "genuine wish to play a proactive and decisive role in the construction of a new world dialogue."

US Vice-president Biden met with the heads of state of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile during a two-day conference and before flying to Costa Rica for a Central American summit.

However in Chile Biden reiterated that the Obama administration supported a change in policy toward age-old foe Cuba, but added: "we think the Cuban people should determine their own fate and that they should be able to live in freedom and with some prospect of economic prosperity".

Of course, not sure how a U.S. blockade allows Cubans to determine their own fate.

by Magnifico on Mon Mar 30th, 2009 at 04:48:56 PM EST
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