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The anti-mafia reporter and anchorman, Pino Maniaci, will be tried next May 8th for practicing the profession of journalist without a license. Pino Maniaci runs the family television station Telejato in Partinico, Sicily, in the province of Palermo. He is well known for his outspoken campaigns against major mafia figures in the area. He has received death menaces, has been sued for libel and was beaten up last year by a mafia boss's son. Nevertheless he went on air within hours with a swollen face.

The present incrimination recalls that in Italy one must belong to the Order of Journalists in order to write about or report current events- a state of affairs that may sound strange to foreign ears. Maniaci has declared he never had time to bother taking the examination to become a lawful journalist. He has, besides, been nominated an honorary journalist for his outstanding and courageous reporting.

It is eloquent that in an area with a heavy mafia presence a reporter can be charged with a continuous "criminal design" to abusively report facts and events. All the more so when those same events may never have been reported were it not for Pino Maniaci.

Maniaci's case is not the only case of libel suits brought against reporters and bloggers in Italy for doing their job with civic passion.

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