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The Afghan war has never been about women's rights, despite constant protestations to the contrary by its cheerleaders (starting with Laura Bush in 2001).

Los Angeles Times: Laura Bush Addresses State of Afghan Women (November 18, 2001)

Seeking to draw attention to the treatment of women and children in Afghanistan, the White House assigned President Bush's weekly Saturday radio address to First Lady Laura Bush, who said the war on terrorism was "a fight for the rights and dignity of women."

Her speech--the latest in a series of steps by the first lady toward a more public role--was coordinated with the release of a State Department report condemning conditions for women and children in Afghanistan under the Taliban and the Al Qaeda terror network.

The broadcast marked the first time a presidential wife has given the entire radio address alone. In June, the first lady delivered a portion of the weekly speech, in a commemoration of Father's Day. Nancy Reagan and Hillary Rodham Clinton also joined their husbands in delivering radio addresses.

How to get women to support war: trot out a "presidential wife" to lie about it.

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