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Last week in Latvia has been rather exciting as EP elections are approaching. More and more lists of candidates have been announced and the probable Latvia`s member list in EP is getting clearer.

There are not many surprises as most of the top members of the top parties have already applied for this position five years ago and half of them being elected. Other part has actively showed their interest about European issues since then and now they rather seem fitting for this position than not. (Surely there are some rather disconnected ones, as ex political prisoner Alfrēds Rubiks.)

Most of the candidates are from so cold old generation politicians. It means that they are experienced in Latvia`s political sphere, they are well known but in fact boring. I do respect them and am thankful for their activities during independence regaining period and later on. And now they could be productive also in EU level but this position is not making them look as stepping forwards rather downwards in their careers. EP is like a safe place for knowledge broadening five year work, with lots of traveling and new political contacts. But it seems that after that they would look for even more quite place. This profile politician is not the one i would like to see in the seat of EP. I would like to see active new generation politicians who have at least some illusive aims and interest to be a part of this decision making apparatus. The ones who would give speeches, would propose law incentives, would meet with interest groups and would listen and react.

by Fran on Tue Mar 31st, 2009 at 03:49:16 PM EST
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