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The speculations in Hungarian media threw up one illustrious name as potential victim: Eduardo Rózsa-Flores. That would be a fitting end to a very strange life.

Rózsa-Flores is a son of Hungarian communist Jews who fled to South America from the Nazis. All of them (parents, child) was involved in the movements supporting President Allende of Chile. So after Pinochet's coup, they were among those put on a plane to Europe; they returned to Hungary.

Young Rózsa-Flores ended up in a special unit of the border guards; he was one of the minders of Carlos the Jackal when he used Budapest as a hideout. Still a faithful communist, he fell out with his commmanders, and became a journalist during the 1989-90 changes.

Then, covering the outbreak of the Yugoslav wars, he saw the operations of the JNA. Then he finally broke with communism, only to swing the other way. He decided he doesn't want to stay an observer anymore, and became a mercenary for the Croatian army.

Later, he though he'll search his roots in Israel, but came awaywith hate seeing the treatment of Palestinians. This led him straight into the open arms of the anti-Semitic Hungarian far-right (yes, you read that right).

In 2001, a film titled Chico was made about his life (thankfully excluding his then new far-right endeavours), in which he played himself remarkably well.

From supporting Allende to plotting a murder on Moráles, would be coming a full circle (if the rumour will be confirmed).

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by DoDo on Fri Apr 17th, 2009 at 03:11:31 AM EST
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