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WalesOnline - News - Wales News - `Wales would be better off as an independent state in EU'

SMALLER nations than Wales are thriving in the European Union as independent states - and we should follow their examples, a leading Plaid Cymru figure has claimed.

MEP Jill Evans' election a decade ago was a watershed moment for Plaid and this year her Labour and Conservative counterparts are stepping down.

She does not believe that her party's renewed emphasis on independence will damage her electoral chances when she faces fresh challengers at the ballot box in June.

Describing the difference independence would make to Wales' status in the EU, she said: "We have four MEPs - we'd have about 12. We'd have our own commissioner and we'd be voting in the Council of Ministers."

She continued: "When you say to people that six of the 27 member states are smaller than Wales, people are really shocked by that... It becomes clearer to people we'd be much better off as an independent member of the European Union."

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Try accessing europe withput going though england. We're the bugaboo.

keep to the Fen Causeway
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