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Climate Progress's Joe Romm also criticizes this article (and, btw, cites Jerome):

NYT's Matt Wald blows the "Alternative and Renewable Energy" story, quotes only industry sources, ignores efficiency and huge cost of inaction

Wald's piece could also be a poster child for award-winning journalist Eric Pooley's searing critique of the media's coverage of climate economics (see How the press bungles its coverage of climate economics -- "The media's decision to play the stenographer role helped opponents of climate action stifle progress").

And, amazingly, as we will see, a report by one of Wald's two industry sources completely disagrees with the report by the other industry group Wald cites! In fact, new Concentrated solar thermal power is already competitive with new gas-fired generation and likely to have better economics in 2015.

. . . See also the Jerome a Paris post on DailyKos, which especially focuses on windpower economics, "NYT repeats coal talking points, try to sabotage Obama's green energy plans."

by TGeraghty on Mon Mar 30th, 2009 at 08:21:16 AM EST

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