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In fact, all of the atrocities I mention can not be on par with Srebrenica. They were much much worse in terms of the scale and scope of destruction of innocent human life.

Another I forgot is the bloody massacres of some 300 000 Algerians (again, the majority of whom were civilians) by the French Army and especially the OAS in the 1960s.

Another is the massacre of the over 30 000 Kurds by the ongoing Turk effort to subdue this region. But of course, Turkey is an important NATO ally... so much for principles.

Another is Indonesia. Another is Chile. Another is Afghanistan. Oh shit, but all these bastards are our bastards. Let's change the subject!

But tell me Jake, how are the numerous (not to say systematic) atrocities committed by US forces over the past 50 years more humane or simply different than those committed by the barbaric Serbs? I know! Americans soldiers have a special genetic code which gives them superior moral principles when the go to battle. Or maybe it's something else? In any case, I'm sure the casual reader would be interested to know.

by vladimir on Wed Mar 11th, 2009 at 06:10:33 AM EST
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