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I did read the diary. That Racak and Markale were fabricated does not mean that Srebrenica was.

I'm not personally in possession of sufficiently detailed knowledge to decide whether to believe the official version of the Srebrenica story or some alternate version - both a real massacre and a manufactured one seem well within the political and logistical capabilities of the involved actors.

But you really ought to decide what case you're trying to make. Are you saying that Srebrenica was manufactured in order to justify Western(TM) involvement? Or are you saying that the evidence of what went on in Srebrenica at the time of Western(TM) intervention was insufficiently clear and unambiguous to justify the intervention(s)?

Those are two different cases, and the latter is substantially easier to argue than the former. Because the latter places the burden of proof on the those defending intervention to demonstrate that Srebrenica was a) sufficiently well documented at the time and b) sufficiently cause to warrant the intervention(s), whereas the former places the burden of proof on you to demonstrate an actual conspiracy and/or actual falsified records.

Vacillating between these two scenarios with little preamble will likely achieve only to confuse the reader as to what you are arguing.

- Jake

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