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I can't argue that Srebrenica was fabricated because I don't have first hand knowledge of the facts. for example, from Jonathan Rooper to Samantha Powers - we go from one extreme to another. Who to believe?

Those defending intervention are prepared to go to great lengths to demonize the Serbs, because of course this is the only way you CAN justify military intervention.

Hitler demonized the Poles and the Czechs before "intervening" and indeed history is littered by pre-war demonization of the opponent. We often witness that the official truth aired on media before an intervention (remember the weapons of mass destruction) is proven at a later stage to be... just propaganda. Lies.

In Racak and Markale, we have proof of this war propaganda. Lies. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not only is the Serb leadership systematically demonized but the Serb people are often collectively accused of having some type of a genocidal gene in them. Basta! For example, just read Marti Ahtisari's press conferences, where he talks of the Serbs' responsibility to face up to the past. And not even a comment for the 250 000 refugees that left Kosovo since the KLA heroin traffickers seized power. Let them rot. And this is the person the `international community' gives the Nobel Peace Prize to? Really, what world do we live in?

That Youtube video (linked above... or below in this diary) of Milosevic  trying to convince the Bosnian Serb leadership to accept the Vance-Owen plan... and imposing an arms embargo on the Bosnian Serbs later raises the question of why NATO media brandished Milosevic as the "Butcher of the Balkans"? Why was Milosevic singled out and demonized as the mastermind of ethnic cleansing, the ruthless blood thirsty dictator? Why does the Hague inquisition indict 10 Serbs for every 1 Bosnian Muslim, Albanian or Croatian? Why does the list of Serbs that have to be sent to the Hague before Serbia can normalize its relations with the EU keep increasing? I remember in 2000-2001, this `international community' was offering Serbia `redemption' if it delivered Milosevic to the Hague. Once they had him, they wanted Biljana Plavsic. Once they had her, they wanted Karadzic. Once they had him, they want Mladic. Now there are new names appearing in the press that I've never heard of before. And at the same time Ramush Haradinaj (KLA killer) is acquitted after 9 witnesses are murdered! Why?

I'm tired of this.

by vladimir on Thu Mar 12th, 2009 at 03:52:46 AM EST
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