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That's indeed what I said. The first point of the indictment reads:

Vojislav SESELJ's speeches, communications, acts and/or omissions contributed to the perpetrators' decision to commit the crimes alleged

If this is a crime, then indeed the large majority of the Serb nation should be sent to the Hague and I'm right to see no end to the pressure, the demands, the conditions, the blackmail exercised by NATO nations on Serbia.

I remember back in 1990 some Serbian friends of mine who lived in Dubrovnik left their homes and moved to Belgrade after their businesses were torched. That's 1990! Most Serbs living in Karjina, in Sarajevo, in Split and Dubrovnik felt (with good reason, I believe) that they had two alternatives: a) pack their bags or b) fight to stay.

Justice should be universal, fair and blind to creed, colour, religion or ethnicity. Otherwise it's a political farce, a travesty, an inquisition.

Europe's modern inquisition is prosecuting Vojislav Seselj for the SPEECHES he delivered, but acquitting Haradinaj for mass murder - after 9 witnesses were murdered. How many Croats, Muslims & Albanians (including Mesic - current president or Croatia) gave war rallying speeches to their troops during the war? Why aren't they also in the dock?

by vladimir on Thu Mar 12th, 2009 at 06:15:16 AM EST
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