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Thailand had had many military coups, played unsavoury role facilitating Americans' extraordinary renditions and tortures of detainess, and did not suffer much. Investors would rather flee elections in democratic India than leave military ruled Thailand. The only consequences for Bangkok regime will be: 1. The question of succession as 82-year old Rama IX is increasingly isolated. 2. Negative coverage of Thailand in foreign media.
Thailand seems caught between the rock of globalization and the hard spot of remaining traditional monarchy and values.  All I can say is that modernization and progress brought through the agency of globalization and the doctrine of Neo-Classical Economics will be like taking what is left of Thai society and dropping it into a giant tree stumper.  That prospect does not seem appealing.  Are there any other players in this drama?  And does the military remain loyal to the King and current prime minister or have they had their traditional allegiance subverted by US military aid and the concomitant indoctrination in the benefits of "reform" along lines favorable to US business interests?    

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."
by ARGeezer (ARGeezer a in a circle eurotrib daught com) on Mon Apr 13th, 2009 at 05:41:42 PM EST

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